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Chancellor’s Summer Statement 2020

By BJT Accountants / 13th July 2020 / Comments Off on Chancellor’s Summer Statement 2020

On the 8th July The Chancellor announced a series of measures to help businesses as the economy begins to reopen following the Covid 19 outbreak. The main highlights from this announcement include: Job retention bonus – £1,000 to businesses for each employee brought back from furlough and employed through January. Kick start scheme – Businesses…

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COVID-19 & The Self Employed

By BJT Accountants / 27th March 2020 / Comments Off on COVID-19 & The Self Employed

Chancellor announces additional measures to help businesses and the self-employed impacted by COVID-19 The Chancellor announced a major package of support for the self-employed: HMRC will pay the self-employed a taxable grant worth 80% of their average monthly profits over the last three years up to £2500 per month This will be available for three…

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Who to talk to

By BJT Accountants / 23rd March 2020 / Comments Off on Who to talk to

Talk to your bank about finance options Talk to your bank about financial help if needed, to tide you over if your business gets into difficulty. The UK Government and Bank of England have made billions of pounds available for domestic banks across the UK to help small businesses in this position. Banks struggled to…

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COVID-19 Update

By BJT Accountants / 20th March 2020 / Comments Off on COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Advice and guidance for small businesses and the self-employed LAST UPDATED 20.3.20 | Advice and guidance on reducing the risks from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) virus to you and your business. Chancellor announces additional measures to help businesses and the self-employed impacted by COVID-19 On the evening of Friday 20 March, the Chancellor of…

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By BJT Accountants / 19th March 2020 / Comments Off on COVID-19

With the rapidly changing nature of the COVID-19 outbreak, information and advice from Government can change quickly. For all the latest Government information on COVID-19 and the measures the Government, and Devolved Governments, are taking, please visit the UK Government website, the Scottish Government website, the Welsh Government website or the Northern Irish Government website.…

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Budget 2020

By BJT Accountants / 18th March 2020 / Comments Off on Budget 2020

With all the self-isolation going around I thought it was only fair that I provided those in need with some cutting edge, exciting and interesting reading material to help get them through this difficult time in our nation’s history….so what better subject to write about than Budget Day 2020?? Rishi Sunak has only been in…

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Limited Company V Sole Trade

By BJT Accountants / 3rd December 2018 / Comments Off on Limited Company V Sole Trade

In my 12 years in the accounting profession the most popular question I hear (apart from how much tax do I owe?) is whether or not to “Go Limited”. It is a vital question and the route you decide to go down can affect greatly your financial responsibilities and how you are taxed and so…

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What is IR35?

By BJT Accountants / 5th November 2018 / Comments Off on What is IR35?

For those of you who have heard about IR35 regulations….you have my sympathy! It is an issue that affects many people who are contractors or run small businesses and intricate details involved can create much stress to those who are unsure where they stand. What is IR35? The IR35 rules were introduced in 2000 to…

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Autumn Statement 2018

By BJT Accountants / 30th October 2018 / Comments Off on Autumn Statement 2018

Summary A few weeks ago, I expect many of you were trying to think of ways to avoid having to listen to Chancellor Phillip Hammond bleat on for a few hours in the House of Commons when he presented his budget for the 19/20 tax year. Sadly, given my role in the accountancy world I…

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